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Welcome to the website of the South East Orchid Society (UK).


If your are reading this then you must be interested in Orchids already.

This society invites you to join in learning more about these exotic and rewarding plants and blooms.

Growers and exhibitors of these flowers are keen to share their knowledge and experience with you, so you too can have an absorbing escape from the cares of everyday life but with common enthusiasm.



Meetings are usually held on the third Sunday of the month from 3pm to 5pm.

  You can find us at the British Railway Staff Association Hall, Beaver Road,

TN23 7RR, Ashford, Kent, England, UK

In addition to inviting experts to give talks we hold two Open Orchid Shows each year. We also run a Table Show Competition at each meeting between members who bring plants for the Table Show and points are allocated towards the award of an annual trophy. The Table Shows give members the opportunity to accustom themselves with the preparation of plants for showing and also to see a wide variety of orchid species and hybrids.

Please save the date and come along

Our Spring Show in March was a huge success with fantastic plants, happy trophy winners and many, many visitors who enjoyed orchids from the every day to the extraordinary.

2019 Spring Show South East Orchid Society in Ashford / Kent

Here is a glimpse on one of our table show and greetings from the speakers on that day

Our former chairman John Walters explains how to keep a Dendrobium aphyllum happy.

It is with sadness that one of our senior members Mr Ken Bridges died on Monday 17th September, 2018.  Ken was a former Chairman, vice chairman of our society & a committee member, he was also a life member.  He had been growing Orchids for over 50 years &was always pleased to give help to new growers, he will be sadly missed.
We wish to express our condolences
to his wife Stella & family.

Vanda lobokensis South East Orchid Society
Vanda lobokensis

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PHONE: 07484 275551 / bobparsons@cwgsy.net Chairman Mr Bob Parsons/ 01233 720 238 General Secretary Mrs K. Sellers

ADDRESS: British Railway Staff Association Hall, Beaver Road,

 Ashford, Kent, TN23 7RR, England, UK