Here you can find pictures and videos of our monthly meetings


Table Show

This page is dedicated to pictures and videos of the plants wining “Best in Show” at our monthly table shows and speakers for 2019.


Originally we have invited Saul Walker for a talk about Tropical Terrestrial Orchids. Unfortunately he couldn't make it.

Instead we were so lucky to have Jacob Coles as a student at Canterbury University who is regularly visiting our monthly Table Show meetings. He explained to us judging criteria of the British Orchid Council. We have learned so much and would like to thank you, Jacob! We are happy to have you in our society!

Table Show winning orchid of January 2019 meeting is Specklina megalops by Sally Mills! What a beautiful plant! Congratulations!


Jacob Coles was talking to us about special Orchids in Writhlington School.

Winning table show plant is Dinema polybulbon by Sally Mill! Congratulations!

Dinema polybulbon by Sally Mill February Meeting 2019 at South East Orchid Society


Spring Show South East Orchid Society 2019


Plant Auction - Table Show winner was this Dendrobium hybrid by Christine Bartlett


Robin McDonald came to us to talk about Cypripediaoideae - Table Show winner was a stunning Dendrobium pierardii by Neville Dunn.



At the June meeting we were talking about Orchid Seedlings and how to nurture them.



Table Show winner is this Laelia milleri by Mark Foster. Congratulations!


Laelia milleri by Mark Foster


At our July meeting Helen Millner talked to us about Growing orchids in a terrarium.



The Table Show has been won by a stunning Maxillaria tenuifolia by David Webb







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